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If you like to combine culture and wellness to create original wellness trips, Mandala Tours is a good port from which to set sail: our group’s agencies are spread throughout the Middle East and North Africa and operate in countries where the wellness experiences are top level attractions. In this post we tell you which destinations you have in your hand if you are looking for different and premium wellness trips.

Hammams, a hallmark of our destinations

The hammam are the baths of hygiene and relaxation typical in the Islamic culture, by evolution of the ancient Roman baths and with the Turkish touch that is often also reflected in its name. Precisely for this reason, in countries like Turkey, Morocco, Egypt or Jordan you can relax in one of them, enjoying the benefits of bathing your body in waters of different temperatures. Although many of them are still used on a daily basis by the local population, more exclusive and specialized ones have emerged, where hydromassage services and other therapies are also added.

The Dead Sea, a unique thermal destination

If we talk about wellness travel in the world, few destinations have the prestige and uniqueness of the Dead Sea: this large landlocked body of water is the lowest point on the planet (-400 m above sea level) but, above all, it has a extreme salinitywhich makes the human body float effortlessly here. In terms of wellness, the company’s sludge is especially appreciated in the medical and cosmetic industry.For this reason, immersions and therapies are offered with these muds of high mineral content, which are indicated for their antioxidant power and for improving blood circulation, among other benefits. With us, you will be able to travel to both the Jordanian and Israeli shores of this sea.

Pamukkale, thermal baths World Heritage Site

Undoubtedly, one of the most special thermal destinations is Pamukkale, in Turkey, which is a World Heritage Site: the name of this place means ‘cotton castle‘, in Turkish language, due to its peculiar appearance of white waterfalls that seem frozen. Hierapolis was located very close to here and its surroundings fascinated the ancient world, especially its waters rich in magnesium sulfate, chalk, bicarbonate and calcium sulfate, which give it its unique appearance. Here it is possible to bathe in the open air in these waters that are indicated for skin diseases, rheumatism and even gynecological disorders, among many others. But above all, this place is suitable for lovers of inspiring landscapes, since its beauty is almost extraterrestrial.

Other options linked to nature and industry

The hammams, the Dead Sea and Pamukkale are just three of the many options for organizing wellness trips in the Middle East and North Africa. But there are many other proposals linked to a greater or lesser extent to nature and the wellness industry. In Morocco , for example, there are wellness centers specializing in argan oil, an iconic product of this Maghreb country. But if we talk about the aesthetic and cosmetic industry, few countries are on a par with Turkey, where tourism related to interventions such as hair grafts, rhinoplasty and other ‘touch-ups’ performed in private clinics has emerged. The good value for money offered by these clinics and their professionals explain this boom that attracts more and more travelers to this country.

Therefore, although our tours focus on culture and nature, do not hesitate to contact us if you want to add this component of relaxation and wellness to your trip, as we can organize unforgettable experiences through our local agencies.

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