Israel and the Palestinian Territories are sacred lands for Jews, Christians, and Muslims, the place where the three monotheistic religions originate and have their reason for being. As such, it is a destination that every religious person or anyone interested in culture in general should visit. Mandala Tours offers you access to this special country, with routes adapted to every type of traveler.

Where we can take you

Every inch of land in Israel and the Palestinian Territories is filled with history and symbolism. And Mandala Tours can take you to every corner of this country to help you understand the full meaning behind them.



The quintessential sacred city, Jerusalem preserves many of the most revered sites for Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Sometimes as archaeological remains and others as imposing modern reconstructions. In addition, you can add nearby excursions like Bethlehem.



The region around the Sea of Galilee is intimately linked to the figure of Jesus Christ. A journey here takes the traveler back to the childhood and youth of Christ, and the places where he performed many of his miracles. Also, nearby towns sacred to Judaism, such as Safed, are quite interesting.

Mar Muerto

Dead Sea

This lake of extreme salinity is not only the border with Jordan but also the lowest point on the planet (approximately 400 meters below sea level). A dip in its waters and mud is a unique wellness experience, and a journey through its surroundings is a trip to the past through its extraordinary archaeological sites.

Mar Mediterráneo

Mediterranean Sea

The Israeli Mediterranean coast not only hosts superb beaches for swimming and water sports, but also vibrant cities like Tel Aviv and historically rich places like Caesarea, Acre, and Haifa. These spots feature sacred and UNESCO-protected sites, such as the Crusaders' fortresses or Mount Carmel.

A country that moves with every


Beyond the abundant monuments and archaeological sites in Israel and the Palestinian Territories, touring this country is an experience full of emotions that you will only feel when you’re here:

  • Deep religiosity: the Torah, the Bible, and the Quran set much of their narrative here.
  • Holocaust: museums and memorials invite you to understand the tragedy to learn from it.
  • Cuisine: reflects the crossroads of cultures, with Jewish, Arab, Mediterranean recipes and ingredients…
  • Middle Eastern vanguard: both in architecture and technology, civil rights…
  • Nightlife: the country surprises with its variety, the richest in the region, especially on the coast.

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