Jordan is a small country in terms of territory, but very large in terms of tourist attractions: cities carved in rock, imposing deserts, seas full of personality… And Mandala Tours is an expert agency in presenting them in a personalized way, for all kinds of travelers, so the result is always the same: an unforgettable journey.

Where can we take you?

With Mandala Tours, you can travel across the entire geography of Jordan. Especially, the major tourist destinations, which we show you below. We will take you in a private vehicle with maximum comfort, following an itinerary that will be tailored to your preferences.

Petra y otros tesoros escondidos

Petra and other hidden treasures

Petra is Jordan's major tourist attraction, and not by chance: this beautiful Nabatean city carved into the rock hides truly charming spots, such as its Treasury. But Jordan has many other archaeological treasures for visitors: Byzantine mosaics, castles built during the Crusades...

Wadi Rum y otros desiertos

Wadi Rum and other deserts

Wadi Rum, which captivated T.E Lawrence, is for many the desert par excellence. Its clean sky, its imposing mountains, and its whimsical rock formations seem to come from another planet. But Jordan has other deserts that hide fascinating places to discover, like the Desert Castles, in the surroundings of Azraq.

Mar Muerto y Río Jordán

Dead Sea and Jordan River

It's the lowest point on the planet (approximately 400 meters below sea level) and its waters have such a high salt level that swimmers float effortlessly. Therefore, its resorts attract tourists drawn to both phenomena. This sea, which by the way is a lake, is fed by the Jordan River, where Jesus was baptized, as you can learn on-site.

Mar Rojo

Red Sea

Jordan's only access to the sea is a small coastal strip in Aqaba, on the Red Sea, equipped with everything necessary for sun and beach tourism: from boat trips to diving activities, as well as well-equipped bathing areas and places of historical interest as a cultural complement.

Ammán y norte de Jordania

Amman and northern Jordan

The northern area is the greenest and most fertile in the country, with a Mediterranean bioclimate. And this was well known to the Romans, who established important cities here for the east of their Empire. There are remains of this in the capital, Amman, and especially in Jerash, known as the Pompeii of Jordan for its monumentality and good conservation.

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The excitement of Jordan is not only in visiting its monuments, natural areas, and archaeological sites: it is also very special to experience other aspects of its culture and life, which Mandala Tours will bring within your reach:

  • The sacred nature of many places, for Muslims, Christians, and Jews
  • The Bedouin culture of the desert nomads, which we will get to know from the inside
  • An Arab and typical Mediterranean Levantine cuisine, with Bedouin touches
  • Ideal environments for disconnection, through wellness or meditation

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