Morocco is a fascinating destination, full of cultural and natural contrasts, radiant with light and color. And for Mandala Tours, it is a very special destination because here we began our journey as an agency back in 2011. Today we are a benchmark in the sector and we know all the secrets of the country… that we want to share with you.

Where we can take you

Mandala Tours has a presence in all corners of Morocco, with a variety of circuits that cater to the tastes of every traveler. The main regions we put at your fingertips are:

Norte y Mediterráneo

North and Mediterranean

The area around the Strait of Gibraltar hosts some of the country's most spectacular destinations, such as Chaouen, Tangier, Asilah or Tetouan. Its nature is lush in many places, and its coast has developed a thriving holiday tourism, with top-quality beaches and resorts.


Atlantic Coast

Portuguese fortresses, magical sunsets and a warm climate refreshed by the ocean breeze. These are some of the most attractive ingredients in destinations such as Essaouira or Agadir. An ideal region for those who love rest, history and surfing, but also for lovers of large metropolises, such as Casablanca.

Ciudades imperiales

Imperial Cities

Marrakech, Fez, Meknes and Rabat have been the main Moroccan capitals since the Arab conquest. And today they are four of the most beautiful cities in the country, thanks to their refined monuments, their walled medinas and the hustle and bustle of their souks, which form authentic labyrinths where the traveler enjoys getting lost.

Montañas del atlas

Atlas Mountains

This mountain range is the roof of Morocco and in its valleys hide charming villages, amazing landscapes and spaces adapted to adventure and winter sports. Therefore, it is a destination highly valued by travelers who seek off-the-beaten-path places, where nature and its people follow the rhythm of life of yesteryear.

Sur del Atlas y desierto del Sahara

South of the Atlas and Sahara Desert

Crossing the Atlas is a journey to another world: its arid and rocky valleys take us along routes marked by oasis, kasbahs and picturesque villages, which end in the vastness of the Sahara Desert. Its ergs or dune fields are the dream goal for many, where the feeling of peace and disconnection reaches another dimension.

A country to feel and


Beyond the tangible and photographable beauty of Moroccan destinations, the country offers other attractions that cannot be seen, but must be felt in a different way to be moved by:

  • The frenzied life of the medinas, the souks and the open-air markets
  • The starlit sky at night, which can only be admired in the desert
  • Its rich cuisine of spices, nuts and flavors with personality
  • Music and dances that draw from many sources, such as Al-Andalus and Black Africa
  • A popular culture where Arabic predominates but Amazigh remains

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