Nightlife in the Middle East and Africa with Mandala Tours

Although nature and culture (in its broadest sense, such as art, history and gastronomy) are the basis of Mandala Tours’ services, there is also room for free time and, therefore, for nightlife in our tours. And some of the destinations served by our agencies are especially famous for their lively atmosphere, within the moderation demanded by Muslim and Hebrew societies. Here you can consult some of them.

Nisantasi and Galataport, in Istanbul

Istanbul is undoubtedly the most cosmopolitan city in Turkey. And although many people and neighborhoods preserve their traditions, there are areas of a more Western character where nightlife differs little from what you would find in a capital of the Old Continent. In particular, there are two areas where this is most evident. The first, Nişantaşı, a modern residential area in the Şişli district, in the European part of the city. The other notable area is Galataport, a new hotspot for evening and nightlife around Istanbul’s new cruise port, so the atmosphere here stands out for its exclusivity.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Israel is a country with two souls: while Jerusalem represents its more conservative and religious side, Tel Aviv exemplifies its more cosmopolitan and casual side. And precisely for this reason, in this city on the Mediterranean coast you will find numerous nightlife options in a very open atmosphere, as evidenced by its LGBT bars, located mainly around Shenkin Street. With a more general character, the area that stands out the most is the one located on Rothschild Boulevard, especially for those seeking a premium and exclusive atmosphere. More bohemian and artistic is perhaps the Florentin district. On the other hand, those who wish to enjoy the magic of the sea at night can go to the port area or Namal.

Hivernage, in Marrakech

Morocco is a country where traditions linked to Islam are maintained, which limits certain aspects related to nightlife, such as the sale and consumption of alcohol, which can only be done in authorized premises. However, Marrakech has some areas where these restrictions are more lax and, thanks to its international inhabitants, you can find bars and nightclubs where you can enjoy the night. Hivernage, one of the most select and exclusive neighborhoods in the city, even has a casino.

Resorts in coastal areas and metropolitan areas

And in general, it can be said that the major sun and beach destinations offer nightlife possibilities for their tourists. In this post we show you a brief list of those in which our agencies operate, but the list is much longer. Agadir is one of the most outstanding in Morocco, while in Turkey, cities such as Bodrum, Fethiye and Antalya stand out. Jordan, more restrained in this respect, provides its only Red Sea destination: Aqaba. You will find more variety in the Egyptian Red Sea, especially on its mainland coast, with destinations such as Hurghada, Marsa Alam or El Gouna.

On the other hand, the capitals and large cities of these countries usually also have areas of special animation at night, given the variety of people and tourists that are concentrated here. Amman (Rainbow Street), Cairo (Zamalek) and Casablanca (Corniche, Anfa) all have a lot to offer in this regard.

Therefore, if you do not want to give up the fun and nightlife on your trip to the Middle East and North Africa, do not hesitate to tell us your preferences when we are configuring your travel package. Our advisors will explain to you what the options are in the country you are traveling to, when it is convenient to schedule this possibility and where you can go to enjoy the night in safety.

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