Great museums in the Middle East and Africa, with Mandala Tours

The great museums have become tourist destinations in themselves: they alone are capable of attracting millions of visitors a year, who spend several hours, a full day or even several days visiting them. And in the countries where Mandala Tours agencies operate there are several interesting examples. Here are some of them, which can be the cornerstone of your trip.

Grand Egyptian Museum, Giza

At the time of writing this post, the Grand Egyptian Museum was about to be inaugurated, but its enormous potential is beyond doubt. This pharaonic museum, never better said, is located in the foothills of the Pyramids of Giza and happens to be one of the largest in the world. But its importance does not lie in its dimensions or in its avant-garde architecture (designed by Heneghan Peng) but, above all, in the value of the pieces on display. Above all, the tomb of Tutankhamun stands out, with all that this implies, since his trousseau was composed of about 5,000 objects.

Israel Museum in Jerusalem

In an eternal city like Jerusalem, a great museum could not be missing. And that place is occupied by the Israel Museum, which is usually the most visited on the tourist circuits. In reality, it is a complex of different pavilions that revolve around Jewish culture. The large model of the city of Jerusalem around 66 A.D., the time of the revolt against the Romans, is striking for its size and spectacularity. One of the most important pavilions is the Shrine of the Book, where a replica of the Dead Sea Scrolls (manuscripts with books of the Old Testament, among others) is exhibited. In other areas of the site there are also works of art by Jewish artists, such as Marc Chagall and Man Ray.

Mohammed VI Museum of Modern Art, in Rabat

Given the Islamic prohibition of representing God and the human being, the plastic arts have been less developed in Muslim countries. But in recent times, it is evident the bet on modern art museums, where abstraction has great prominence. The best example is the Mohammed VI Museum of Modern Art in Morocco’s capital, Rabat. This large neo-Hispanic-Muslim style building exhibits the best works of local artists and temporary exhibitions dedicated to African cultures.

Istanbul Archaeological Museums

In a city and country with the history of Istanbul and Turkey, it is to be expected that its main archaeological museum is world class. And in this case we must speak in the plural, as there are three buildings next to the Topkapi Palace, dedicated to ceramics (Tile Pavilion), the Ancient East and Archaeology itself. Among the treasures, the Sarcophagus of Alexander the Great, from the Hellenistic period (4th century BC). It is so called because the reliefs represent scenes of the great Macedonian emperor, but it must have been sculpted for some later great personage. Pieces from other ancient cultures are also of great value, such as those from Troy or the tablets of the Treaty of Qadesh between Ramses II and the Hittites.

With Mandala Tours, museums for an integrated experience

In addition to these museums, there are many others that are part of our tours. And all of them have in common that, thanks to our service, your visit can become an integral experience. Our staff will take care of all the details before, during and after the event. For example, the reservation and purchase of tickets, with priority access. Or transportation to and from the museum. And of course, the hiring of professional guides to interpret the collection and explain the most interesting aspects of it.

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