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5 situations in which you’ll want to have a trusted agency

There are many travelers who, despite being well off, choose to organize their vacations on their own. But it does not always prove to be the most appropriate choice. In this post we show you 5 situations in which, for sure, you will want to have the support of a local travel agency, such as those of the Mandala Tours group, which operate in different countries of the Arab world and the Mediterranean Levant.

Visa problems upon entry

Each country has its own rules for the entry of travelers into the country. And in some cases, the last (or only) formalities are carried out in person at the airport of arrival. If any problems or misunderstandings arise upon your arrival, it will not be easy to communicate with local officials or to resolve any inconveniences that may arise. But Mandala Tours premium agencies offer service from the moment of arrival, so our staff can help you in resolving any bureaucratic hurdles at the airport arrivals terminal.

It’s time to choose a restaurant

It may not seem like a very serious situation, but it is not. But getting the restaurants right can make all the difference and make the trip an even more wonderful experience. Our guides and drivers know the destinations to be visited and can provide personalized advice according to the tastes and budget of each client: traditional food places, restaurants with a modern and signature style, places where you can also enjoy a drink … And this help also becomes essential when the restaurant consultation has to do with food allergies or intolerances, which require special menus.

Private car (without driver) breaks down

On road trips, we always want nothing unexpected to happen… but it can. Renting a vehicle on your own puts the traveler in the responsibility of dealing with an incident on the road, in a country where a completely different language is spoken and where English is limited. In this case, filing a report or a report can be very complicated, with the inconvenience of completely disrupting the program due to the loss of time. On the other hand, with Mandala Tours agencies you will travel with vehicles that have their own driver and will know what to do in the event of a mechanical problem.

Meeting and mingling with local people

Having the opportunity to meet the local and genuine people of each destination is a situation that enriches any trip. But if you do not have the intermediation of a trusted person and their own contacts, there is a risk of meeting people who hide other interests or simply do not wish to make a meaningful contact with whom to showcase the local culture. But with the professionals of Mandala Tours we will be able to organize moments of coexistence with desert nomads, artists and artisans of a specific discipline, workers of local cooperatives and other moments that would be impossible to live without the help of an agency.

Making security decisions

The Arab and Levantine countries in which Mandala Tours operates have made great strides in terms of security. However, in cities and tourist destinations, unforeseen situations may arise, such as high-risk events or weather events that force a change in the program. In this case, your circuit managers will know how to proceed and when to make the decision to cancel an activity or change the course of the program. On the other hand, without this support, the decision falls into the hands of the traveler himself, who will not have adequate information or sufficient knowledge of the country to change his initial plans.

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